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Características principales

Título del libro
Divine Times 1
Subtítulo del libro
Resting placidly under the shade of the Kalpataru
ViDa González
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Otras características

  • Cantidad de páginas: 210

  • Altura: 22.5 cm

  • Ancho: 15.5 cm

  • Peso: 400 g

  • Género del libro: Religión y espiritualidad

  • Subgéneros del libro: Cuerpo, Mente y espíritu

  • Edad mínima recomendada: 16 años

  • ISBN: 9789874935618


An alternative view of reality
Divine Times describes the somewhat peculiar way in which a family of Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s devotees live.
From the very beginning of their relationship with the Great Avatar these people have been receiving messages by way of dreams, visitations and primarily meditations.
Each devotee has his or her personal way of relating to the Being that millions of people in the world have accepted as the Highest Divine Incarnation to have descended to the density of the third dimension. This is their way.
Life in the countryside has been full of challenges but having been isolated from society for so long has given them the opportunity to cultivate the contemplation of the Self and to practice silence as a way of life, all along applying the teachings received directly from the Great Avatar and from other Light Beings that have visited them over the years.
In this book you will also find some propagating and cultivating techniques that they have used to grow most of their food in the harsh and semi-desertic Australian environment in which they live.
The main objective of the book is to reveal an alternative reality, a different way of living a spiritual life to which more and more people are awakening; they put spirituality into practice, which is one of the simplest ways to return to Divinity, that which is our ultimate goal.